Megan (Freshman)

With this being my freshman year at Boise State, I knew a lot of change was about to take place and I needed to find clubs or organizations with which I felt a belongingness. I had so many great plans in my head like joining Greek life or even a club sports team.
After the first week, I started to feel more discouraged. All those organizations I once thought would bring me so much love and connection ended up simply causing me to feel farther from what I truly wanted out of my college experience. It was about that time that I remembered attending RUF’s pizza party on the first weekend of school. I recalled all the people there being so friendly and I decided to give it a try. After just that first fellowship I attended, I felt more welcomed than I had in any other group I tried yet.
RUF gave me the confidence and strong foundation to think positively throughout the first few months with so much change happening. Every song, fellowship, bible study, and coffee session was so loving, positive, and God-centered which always left me with a smile on my face. I cannot wait for what the next few years of RUF will provide for me and many others!