Here is a growing list of Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: “I want to give, but when should I start?”

A: In short, NOW! I am currently receiving one time and monthly donations for many individuals and will be accepting them from now until the end of my internship.


Q: How much money do you need to Raise?

A: My yearly Budget is $31,000. I am currently receiving about 60% in monthly Tax Deductible Donations and I am looking for both onetime gifts and month donations year round.


Q: Why do you need so much money?

A: The RUF internship is my full time Job. All of the money that is given toward my RUF account is used to allow me to focus my full attention on the students spiritual well being as well as my own, without the distractions of another full time job.


Q: How do I make sure my donation is attributed toward your internship??

A: Refer to my Blog post on the home page, or click this link. How to Give or simply visit https://givetoruf.org/Donate/1602

Q: Where does the money go? How is it spent?

A: The money is sent to RUF and designated for my internship if checks are designated in the memo line to Matt Arends 1602  or if giving online you designate the campus/staff as Matt Arends: Intern.

55% of the budget goes toward my Salary and living expenses (rent, utilities, insurance, gas, food, ect.) 15% goes toward benefits (Life Insurance, work comp., ect.), 20% toward Missions expenses (Conferences, student one on ones, other work expenses related to ministry), the remaining 10% goes toward General Administration (The Office that do the behind the scenes work to keeps things running smoothly in the National office, keeping gifts tax deductible, ect.)

Q: Why are you going to Boise State University?

A: RUF staff made an effort to learn as much as they could about me during the interview and placement stages of the hiring process. They asked me and my references for my strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes all to find the campus and more importantly the campus minister that I would best work with. Boise State was decided to be the campus that would best utilize my strengths as well as help me strengthen areas in which I am weak. Brian Frey being the campus minister who I would best work with as well as be able to add my strengths to.



Have any other Questions! Feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will add them to the list. You can also press the contact button in the menu at the top of the page to contact me directly.  Thank You

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