A few Highlights from the year: Events Edition

As I look back at the past year, its hard to believe so much has happened. Here is a list (and pictures) reflecting on the last year of ministry at RUF at Boise State.  (From start to finish)


Picnic In the Park:

Picnic In the ParkPicnic In the Park was so much fun and the first thing I did as the new Intern at Boise State. We fed roughly 200 students (mostly Freshman) the best pizza in town, played games, and hung out. A few of the students who regularly attend our Tuesday night meetings and Small Group Bible Studies found out about RUF here.

Tuesday Night Sermon Series: Mark

Frey and WIll

Brian (on the left) gave a great series of talks on the book of Mark and the Gospel every Tuesday night. This is our weekly group meeting, where we worship, Brian speaks, and we hangout and eat homemade baked goods.

Hangout at Quinns Pond:


Labor Day hangout at the local swimming hole. Played games on the beach, kayaked and paddle boarded, Hammocked and more. This was a great way for people to get to know one another and start building relationships outside of our Tuesday night meetings.



Our First Major event of the year and one of the best ways to get to know each other. We rented a cabin in the mountains, hung out, heard from a great speaker John Stone, and had an all around good time.

Rake Up Boise:

Rake up Boise 2.jpg

Rake up Boise was a great way for us to get out as a Christian ministry and serve our greater community outside of campus. We raked the yards of 4 of our fellow Boisians and had a great time doing it!

Christmas Party:

Christmas partyWhite Elephant, Cookies decorating, games, and more! The Christmas party was a great time to unwind before everyone had their exams Toward the end of the semester, because who doesn’t want a mug with Jared on it. #HAWT

Other Fall events:

Lessons and Carols, game nights, and more!

Nordic “night” (actually happened during the day this year):

Nordic Night

A great way to kick of the spring semester and the skiing season. We went cross country skiing, got a great workout, and even greater fellowship. One of the best traditions and best times I have ever been a part of. (Plus I needed a good workout this winter)

Leadership Retreat:

Leadership Retreat

We had the opportunity to take 17+ students on our leadership retreat where we talked about what Grace really means and what it looks like in the lives of Christians. It was an amazing weekend full of worships, friendship, and fellowship. Oh! And did I mention, we stayed in a house ON THE SLOPES of Tamarack Ski Resort?! It was a blast and there was great conversations about Gods grace and the Church.

Tuesday Night Meetings: Revelation

We had fantastic worship and lessons on Revelation this semester. The sermons give by Brian were amazing and truly shed light on the book that so many people find confusing. I think many of the students really learned to appreciate the Church and the book when they used to be confused.


End of the Year BBQ: (yes real Barbecue not a cookout)

END OF THE YEARA time to unwind before the final exams and moving out begin. Playing games, eating good southern BBQ, and spending time with friends. We had a few new students join us for the party and start building relationships. It was a fantastic end to the semester (but the most fantastic as you will see the best event next)

SUMMER CONFERENCE!!! (In the Grand Tetons of course):

A great time to end the semester and start the summer (before summer jobs start and everyone moves home) We had a great series of talks (hosted by Will Spokes former campus minister at DUKE) on the Church and our participation there in. But really the pictures say the rest.

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