The Students of RUF at Boise State…

Several people have asked me to describe the students we have coming to RUF meetings and the students on campus as a whole. Below will be a brief description based on what I have observed and how others have described them.

The Students of Boise State (24,000 students):

  • 73% are from Idaho
  • 90% Pacific Northwest (Idaho, Washington, Oregon, or California)
  • Main Fields of study are Arts and Sciences, Business, and Health Sciences.

The Students of RUF at Boise State:

  • Most of the students grew up attending churches with a mostly shallow understanding of the Gospel and Scripture.
  • 2/3 of our group will be finishing up their freshman or sophomore year, with only one student graduating.
  • The Students are all from either, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, or Colorado.
  • In the words of recent speakers at retreats or local pastors: “They are some of the sweetest, kindest, most sincere students I’ve ever been around.”
  • These students are easy going and fun to be around, but also some of the hardest working people I have ever met. (many of which are full time students and work 20+ hrs a week and are paying for their own education)
  • They are predominately Engineering, Computer Science, or Nursing Students.
  • This year our leadership team has exploded in size because everyone involved in the ministry of RUF is eager and whiling to serve the community and campus of Boise State.
  • These students are on a campus where roughly 85% of students have never attended church and about 5% are professing Christians. (of nearly 24,000 students on campus). On campus the best way to end a conversation is to bring up Christianity. So the fact that we have so many dedicated and invested students who want to learn more and become an active influence on the campus, is amazing!

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