November Update

Hey Everyone!

Thank you so much for your support of the ministry on the campus of Boise State University. Because of you I have been able to meet with some great students and show the love of Christ to them. I have had the pleasure of meeting with a student who has never seriously read the Bible and teach him what it looks like to study the Bible and apply it to your life. We have been going through the book of Luke one chapter at a time and wrestling with who Jesus is and what it means to follow him. It has been very encouraging that he is wanting to study the Bible and to see him grow in his understanding through out our study. Please join me in prayer for him as we continue to study this book and others in the future.
Every Thursday I have been meeting with three or four other students for Dollar tacos and fellowship. For those students, dollar taco night is something that they have grown to look forward to and I can see them using it as a time of rest that they weren’t giving themselves before now. Pray for them as they enter into exam season in the next few weeks, that they will continue to find time to rest even when they feel too busy. 

Whats been going on?

Two weeks ago we had our Halloween party. It was a great time for students to get off campus, carving pumpkins, eat junk food, and relax together after the stress of midterms. We had a great turn out! Over the next few weeks we will be preparing for our Christmas party, Lessons and Carols, and our last Large Group of the semester! Its hard to believe that its that time of the year already! Please be praying for us as we reach the end of the semester and year, that we can continue to reach the students here on campus and to minister to their needs as final exams take over their lives.

Finances and Prayer

As the end of the year rolls around, we have to start thinking about next semester. Particularly the ministry finances going into the new year. As of right now, we are in need of about $4,000 to reach 100% of my first years budget and to be able to stay on campus. Please consider giving an end of the year TAX DEDUCTIBLE gift or be one of 15 I need to start giving $30 a month or more beginning December 1st. Because of your support in prayer and finances I have been able to reach many students, please consider giving an end of the year gift. Through your support the Lord is doing amazing things!

Donate Now

Please be praying for my students this month as they enter into exam week. Pray that the Lord will give them peace and rest in this stressful time of the semester and pray that they will be open to hearing the gospel and learning more about the Lord through our ministry. Also, pray for me as I am reaching the students and learning more about ministry and God in the process. Several of my students are having rough semesters and pray that the Lord give them wisdom and peace in the midst of their struggles.

Thank you for your support,

In Christ,

Matt Arends

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