Fall Retreat



      This past weekend we at RUF Boise State escaped to Garden Valley, ID for a retreat. There we hung out and got to know each other in a stress free non school related environment. We played lots of spikeball, kickball, and other games that my joints are still sore from. In addition to games and fellowship we also joined together in worship and learning. John Stone, RUF Assistant Coordinated, came and spoke on how the gospel can and should transform our lives and what that should me for us as Christians. The importance of service of others (believers and non believers alike) and much more.

I believe that this weekend was truly beneficial and restful for all 25 of us who attended the retreat (not just the students). I know I learned a lot about myself and about the the others that will help me for many years into the future. The second night many of us (12) set up hammocks in the middle of 3 or 4 trees and camped out together. The picture above does not even begin to do the set up justice and that night was a great bonding experience for the students as many of them had never slept in a hammock before.

Coming up next we have a party and football viewing party at a house of one of our students to further build upon the community established at the retreat. In October I will be flying to Atlanta for more training and decompressing with my fellow interns. A great time to ask questions and share experiences with fellow interns and intern staff now that we have all moved to campus. Please pray for me and RUF as we continue ministering to the campus this fall.

In Christ,
Matt Arends

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