September Update

Hey Everyone!


I hope that the end of your summer is going well. The semester is in full swing now at Boise State and a lo
t of exciting things are happening! Community groups are starting up, we are going through the Psalms this semester and have just completed Psalms 1 this week. Large group is heading into its 4th week this Tuesday and we are walking through the book of Mark. It is exciting to see new faces and old one (Though all are new faces for me).

We have had events such as Picnic in the Park where 170+ freshman showed up for free pizza and games in a nearby park. It was great to be able to serve the campus in such a great way. One highlight was some residence life staff telling us that we produced the largest turn out of freshman for any event during welcome weekend. Other events we have had thus far were a cookout and ultimate frisbee game as well as hanging out on Labor day on the lake.

Upcoming this weekend we have our fall retreat! This means we  are headed to Garden Valley just an hour north of Boise. There we will hangout, play games,  get to know each other, and learn from John Stone (RUF National Staff) and what he has to say about the Psalms. The weekend is always one of the major highlights of any RUF students year. I am very excited to get to know these students more and learn along side them from John Stone.

What’s coming up:

Fall Conference (THIS WEEKEND!)

RUF Intern Fall Training (October 16-20)

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