We are nearly there!

RUF long

Hey Everyone!

Thank you so much for your prayer and su13422299_10105620930536990_5394385519451517579_opport over the past few months, weeks, and days. Now that I am home from training, I only have about $4,500 left to raise so that I can move! It’s hard to believe that I am nearly able to move and that we together have raised 70% of the budget set before me for my work in the ministry of RUF! (give now by visiting: https://givetoruf.org/ProductLanding/1084)

The Lord has blessed me greatly through my friends, family, and through His word. I just finished reading 1, 2, 3 John as well as Daniel and the Lord has lifted me up greatly though these books. They have better helped me understand what it is to act on faith and not rely on myself but of God.

This month I will be reading 1 & 2 Peter as well as 1 & 2 Timothy. Please be prying that I will learn and grow in understanding as I read these books and that they will benefit my ministry.

As always, feel free to contact me as I am continuing to raise support and as I prepare for my move to Boise to serve God and His church.


In Christ,

Matt Arends


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