June Update


Just Finished Orientation in Atlanta!

My first week in June was spent in Atlanta with 56 other newly hired interns (see picture above) and I couldn’t have enjoyed getting to know everyone who are doing the same thing as I am for the next two to three years. It amazing to see how God is working on the college campus through RUF and how it has impacted so many of our lives is amazing ways.

The days were filled with information on policies, budgets and fundraising which was both exhausting and exciting. Though at times the task ahead seems daunting it was comforting to be surrounded by so many other people who are doing the same thing as I am and to constantly be reminded that the Lord will provide.

The week helped me realize how raising financial support ($31,000 per year) is an amazing opportunity to partner with individuals that care about me, my ministry, or the college campus. Asking friends, family, and even strangers for money can be difficult because often times we hold onto our money because we earned it but that same fondness for out money can also be shared with others by partnering with ministries as individuals. Recently I was told something that really spoke to me on the subject, “We are all called to missions, some are called to physically go out and make disciples while others are called to send others.” Fundraising the necessary money to both live by and serve with provides an amazing opportunity for others who can’t go themselves to send someone who can. “Its much easier for a recent college graduate to do ministry on the college campus than it is for someone who graduated 10 years ago and this ministry allows for those who can’t relate to college students to send someone who can.

As I move forward please pray with me for my ministry, for my potential supporters, and for those already supporting me. Pray that the ministry is a fruitful one and pray for the Lords provision in our lives. If you are reading this and have not yet given, please prayerfully consider joining me and those already giving. God is at work on the college campus join me in that work.

In Christ,

Matt Arends
RUF Intern
Boise State University

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