A Spirituality of Fundraising

For my internship I will be required to read many books, see here.  One of the books for the month of June is a book called “A Spirituality of Fundraising”. I have read that short book once already and thought that I would talk about this idea and how it has helped me think about the great task of raising support for my ministry. The message of the book is one that I am working on apply to my mission now.

As the book discusses, fundraising comes across as something that is necessary but unfortunate. I have often talked to my friends and family with a similar approach to it. I often find myself saying things such as “I have been called to be a part of an amazing ministry, but sadly I do have to raise my salary and ministry expenses”. When I say that I sadly have to raise $31,000 it not only makes my mission look hard to me but also makes it look daunting to any of my potential donors. However, that is not how we as fundraisers or donors should look at raising money for the service of the church.

Several people in the Bible ask others to support them financially. While reading Exodus this month I came across a passage where Moses asks the people of Israel for money. (Exodus 25) The book of 2 Corinthians also refers to people in need of support for missions as being met with generosity and eagerness to give to Paul and other Saints spreading the good news. In 1 Corinthians Paul even instructs the church to collect money at the first of every month and to save it until he can come and collect it when he is able. Paul continues to say that he has learned to be content in every circumstance for he has seen times of  great need and times of plenty.

Paul trusted God to provide for his needs but also was not afraid to tell people of his need and didn’t shy away from asking. Paul wanted to tell others about the good news and allow those he has shared the good news with to partner with this mission to further spread the Gospel. If we take Paul’s perspective, we should not beg for money, but rather be so excited to share our mission and vision that we are allowing others to participate in this mission by giving to the cause.

Recently I have been told that I am soft spoken, and I will admit that I am, but I am even more soft spoken when it comes to other peoples money. However, I do know that I truly believe in RUF and it’s ministry. RUF is like a tree planted by streams of water, bearing good fruit in its season. I know this to be true because RUF blessed me and produced fruit in my life and I can honestly say the people of RUF have shown me love in a way that no one else has and RUF has given me a passion to serve other people and the church in that same way. Because of this I can go out unashamed of my need and boldly tell those about the mission of RUF and the Mission of the church and allow them to partner with me in this mission.

Fundraising thus is not asking people to give for your own personal benefit but for the benefit of the one giving. Paul doesn’t say that people will be thanked for their giving, but he says that those who give will be enriched in every way. That should be the case for my ministry too. Those whom I ask to give toward my mission should give knowing that they are giving to a vision that will bear good fruit. Like Jesus says “I am the vine are you are the branches” the relationship between fundraisers and donors should be one of mutual understanding of Gods love and the mission there in.

I will ask now that you will join me in prayer as I seek to apply the knowledge that what I am going to be doing is not only worth wild to me but to those who have supported, are supporting me, or will be supporting me as well as those whom I have been called to reach and serve.

Pray that I will confidently tell everyone around me about my mission and the opportunity they have to partner with me in this mission. Also, pray that I will learn better to rely on God to provide so that I do not feel like I am begging, but can ask knowing that God will provide for my needs.


Thank You to everyone giving in time, prayer, and money toward my mission. Know that because of your generosity that you will be enriched in every way.


In Christ,
Matt Arends


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