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Thank you for showing interest in Reformed University Fellowship (RUF). My name is Matthew Arends and I am a recent graduate of Christopher Newport University (CNU) as well as a former student leader in RUF. Recently I have been called to serve God through the ministry of RUF, specifically on the campus of Boise State and I am writing to give some more information in regard to this calling and how you can support me both financially and in prayer as I start this next chapter of my life and service to God. 

What Is RUF?

          RUF stands for Reformed University Fellowship and was first introduced by the Presbyterian Church in America in the 1970’s and has spread to over 140 campuses nationwide.  Each chapter of RUF is led by an ordained campus minister. RUF’s mission is to reach students for Christ and equip them to serve the church. For more information please visit: http://www.ruf.org/about

What is an RUF Intern?

          As an RUF intern, I will be working directly under the ordained campus minister assisting him in any way he needs me. The internship is designed to provide me, as a recent college graduate, with the opportunity to learn under a seasoned campus minister. While I serve the campus, the internship will expose me to all areas of ministry: building into the lives of students, leading small groups, attending training where I will be personally developed by RUF Staff, and planning ministry events, as well as many other areas. Through this internship I will learn which area of ministry I am best equipped to pursue.
          As an Intern I will meet with Students and minister to their needs. This may look like, getting coffee with someone and listening to them while they share what is happening in their lives, giving rides to places off campus and to church, organizing events such as Frisbee, hikes, etc., as well as leading bible studies and book studies. As an intern, my main responsibility in regards to students is reaching out to Freshman and other students who have not yet found a community on campus. As an Intern I will connect with this students and help them find someone they can relate to in order to link them to the larger community in RUF and on campus. 
          In addition to daily ministry responsibilities I will be required to complete a rigorous study program involving the study of scripture, the Westminster Confession of Faith, and books by authors such as Tim Keller, Jerry Bridges, and Paul Tripp. This program will help me to develop a deeper understanding of theology and people while enabling me to intersect the two in wisdom and faith. 

Why RUF?

          I know for me and many of my friends, college has been a time of great change. College is where many students decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives as well as a time of searching for identity and purpose.  ‘Who am I now that I am out from under my parents’ roof?’  ‘Who will my friends be?’ ‘What are my priorities?’  ‘What is my life going to be about?’
          It is into this context of searching and questioning that RUF seeks to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ, and teach students how the scriptures can be applied to their daily lives, particularly in light of the unique challenges that college students face. Reformed University Fellowship aims to reach students for Christ and equip them to serve the Church. RUF is a safe place for broken people that teaches us that “It’s okay that I’m not okay” because we all live in a broken world full of broken people and we all need Christ just the same. That is to say that: through faith alone, in Christ alone, by grace alone are we saved.

Why Boise State?

 Boise State is situated in Southwestern Idaho which is a widely “Unchurched” region of the country. Most young people did not grow up in the church nor around church going families. This alone is reason to go to the area, but why Boise State specifically? About 40% of incoming freshman (2016) will be from out of state. As an Intern my focus will be on meeting with freshman specifically, which means that 40% of the students I am reaching out to will then spread across the region taking with them their faith in Christ and the message they were given. Investing in Boise State’s ministry will not only impact the campus, city, and community, but it also has a unique opportunity to impact the entire Pacific Northwest. 

What Happens Next?

        Over the next six months I will be preparing for my move from Virginia Beach to Boise, Idaho. That time will be filled with prayer, planning and training through Reformed University Fellowship before I move to campus. 
        As many of you probably know, a significant and humbling part of ministry is raising the financial support necessary to fund my life in Boise. I ask that you will pray for me and the campus as well as prayerfully consider supporting my ministry so that I can reach the students of Boise State and equip them to serve the Church. 
          As a point of reference as to what this looks like for me, I need to raise roughly $2600/month to fund my ministry at Boise State. 
To put this into perspective:

  • 26 people giving $100/month
  • 52 supporting me at $50/month
  • or 104 people giving $25/month

You can give online at http://www.ruf.org/donate by searching for “Matt Arends” in the search specific campus’ tab. All Donations are Tax Deductible.

Thank you for considering support my ministry with Reformed University Fellowship please feel to call me at (757)-390-5939 with any questions.

In Him,

Matthew Arends


As of this Post I am at 12% of my monthly Pledge goal. Thank you to everyone who has given thus far!



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