A New Year at Boise


Happy New Year from Boise State!

I hope that 2017 has greeted you fondly, and that the Lord is already showing you great and new things in this new year. I pray that everyone is safe in the winter storms across the country and that the few extra days of Breaks/vacations that the snow has brought were relaxing and refreshing. Here in Boise we had a record snowfall of 13 inches (the most single snowfall in over a decade) and I was snowed in for two days. (Shovels were all sold out) We have also been experiencing some of the coldest weather I have ever seen. (-20 F with windchill).

With this New Year comes a New semester for me on campus and in ministry. With that I hope to reach more students and continue to build stronger relationships with the students I already know. Pray with me that the Gospel will reach college campuses across the country, particularly through RUF. I have a few students that I plan on reaching this semester that I had not last semester. Pray for doors to be opened for me and for RUF at BSU as a whole.

In February we have a leadership retreat where any and all RUF students interested in learning more about how they can get involved in Leadership or just learning what RUF stands for can come to a Mountain house with us and spend the weekend in fellowship and talking about the Grace of God. We are looking forward to this opportunity to connect students with each other and historically this is a time where students first start to get truly involved in the ministry of RUF. Join us in pray for all the students who come, that the Lord will open their hearts and minds to His gospel and that they will find themselves in His grace. Also, be praying for the future and current leaders within our RUF group as they strive to reach the campus for Christ.

Here in Boise I am a member of the Church All Saints Presbyterian. The church needs a bigger space that is more accessible. Be praying for them as we as a congregation navigate the unsteady waters of transition and as we try to make the best decision for the church and the community.

I recently read Ezekiel 18:22 and that verse struck me deeply. The verse reads, “None of the offenses he has committed will be remembered against him” I have many thoughts about this single verse, but to keep it short I find this verse to be so very comforting. Because of the sacrifice of Christ we no longer need to live in shame (feeling of inadequacy in the eyes of God) but we can live in Hope and love knowing that all our offenses will not be remembered against us. We can live in faith and love following Christs commands knowing that simple truth. As Paul focuses on in the early chapters of Romans, that we have been Justified in Christ Jesus our Lord and that when we sin (do what we hate rather than what we know to be right and true) it is not us that do it but the sin within us. That we should not live in guilt but in truth and knowledge that we are justified by Grace through faith. (Ephesians)

Lastly, Thanks to all of your prayer and support, my ministry is nearly funded for the rest of this year and if promised gifts continue through the next year I am over 60% funded for the 2nd year as well! Thank you so much for all the prayers and support, if you are not currently giving financial, we only need ~$300 a month to be fully funded this year and to start working towards the next!


Thank you for all your prayer and support. Feel free to call me or email me with any questions or comments.


In Christ,



November Update

Hey Everyone!

Thank you so much for your support of the ministry on the campus of Boise State University. Because of you I have been able to meet with some great students and show the love of Christ to them. I have had the pleasure of meeting with a student who has never seriously read the Bible and teach him what it looks like to study the Bible and apply it to your life. We have been going through the book of Luke one chapter at a time and wrestling with who Jesus is and what it means to follow him. It has been very encouraging that he is wanting to study the Bible and to see him grow in his understanding through out our study. Please join me in prayer for him as we continue to study this book and others in the future.
Every Thursday I have been meeting with three or four other students for Dollar tacos and fellowship. For those students, dollar taco night is something that they have grown to look forward to and I can see them using it as a time of rest that they weren’t giving themselves before now. Pray for them as they enter into exam season in the next few weeks, that they will continue to find time to rest even when they feel too busy. 

Whats been going on?

Two weeks ago we had our Halloween party. It was a great time for students to get off campus, carving pumpkins, eat junk food, and relax together after the stress of midterms. We had a great turn out! Over the next few weeks we will be preparing for our Christmas party, Lessons and Carols, and our last Large Group of the semester! Its hard to believe that its that time of the year already! Please be praying for us as we reach the end of the semester and year, that we can continue to reach the students here on campus and to minister to their needs as final exams take over their lives.

Finances and Prayer

As the end of the year rolls around, we have to start thinking about next semester. Particularly the ministry finances going into the new year. As of right now, we are in need of about $4,000 to reach 100% of my first years budget and to be able to stay on campus. Please consider giving an end of the year TAX DEDUCTIBLE gift or be one of 15 I need to start giving $30 a month or more beginning December 1st. Because of your support in prayer and finances I have been able to reach many students, please consider giving an end of the year gift. Through your support the Lord is doing amazing things!

Donate Now

Please be praying for my students this month as they enter into exam week. Pray that the Lord will give them peace and rest in this stressful time of the semester and pray that they will be open to hearing the gospel and learning more about the Lord through our ministry. Also, pray for me as I am reaching the students and learning more about ministry and God in the process. Several of my students are having rough semesters and pray that the Lord give them wisdom and peace in the midst of their struggles.

Thank you for your support,

In Christ,

Matt Arends

Virginia to Boise!


Virginia to Boise: The start of my Ministry!

So I’ve made it! I have moved across country to begin work on campus! I have raised most of my budget for this years ministry and I am starting to meet students on campus! It’s hard to believe that I drove across country with my friend Jarrod and made found a place to live in Boise. (Particularly having run out of gas in Wyoming!) This past Sunday we had our annual “Picnic in the Park” event where we provided 33 Free pizzas to incoming freshman (about 175 students showed up), welcoming them to campus, loving them with food, and providing a place to relax in green grass by the Boise River and play games with their fellow classmates the day before classes.
A phrase I heard over and over again was “Its nice to be able to just hangout.” For most of these students the weekend up until that point was full of, sad goodbyes, the stress of moving in, learning a new campus and city and finding friends along with every other event, tour, and obligation put before the students by the University. This event allowed us to love students by providing a way to let them relax and get to know each other as well as learn about RUF.
This Tuesday we also held out first large group meeting! It was exciting to see a few freshman from the picnic show up as well as seeing returning students who have been a part of RUF for a while now.

Pray With Me!

Please for the campus, that RUF can love the campus better this year than it did last year and that those touched by RUF will learn mroe about Christ. Pray for Fall Retreat coming in mid September, that many students will attend and that the time will be fun and relaxing and pleasing to God. Also, Pray as I continue to strive for 100% of my first years budget. I need to raise about $6,000 more to be 100% funded through May. $600 of that needs to be by September 9th.
The Lord has blessed me greatly through all of you thus far both in Prayer and in Finances. Please continue to pray with me and consider giving if you have not already.

Lord is doing great things on the college campus.  This is a boxed text block. You can use it to draw attention to important content.

You can be the one person I need to give $600 by the start of September by giving online at https://givetoruf.org/ProductLanding/1084

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How do you give to Matt’s RUF account?

Thank you for your support!

Important Details to remember: All Gifts are tax deductible and all gifts will be processed on the first of each month. This means that if you pledge to give $100/month this month, the first gift will be processed the following month on the first of that month.

Giving to my RUF account is very easy. You can do it a couple of different ways.

First: Automatic Monthly gifts online (Most prefer this method)

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give to RUF 27. Enter payment method and click “donate now

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Second: Give by check

To give to my RUF account by check is simple.

  1. Make out your check to “pay to the order of Reformed University Fellowship”
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    • The number is important for my account to be easily identified by RUF staff
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If you would like to me to give you a preaddressed envelope or if you need any more information on how to give, please contact me at: Matt.Arends@ruf.org


Fall Retreat



      This past weekend we at RUF Boise State escaped to Garden Valley, ID for a retreat. There we hung out and got to know each other in a stress free non school related environment. We played lots of spikeball, kickball, and other games that my joints are still sore from. In addition to games and fellowship we also joined together in worship and learning. John Stone, RUF Assistant Coordinated, came and spoke on how the gospel can and should transform our lives and what that should me for us as Christians. The importance of service of others (believers and non believers alike) and much more.

I believe that this weekend was truly beneficial and restful for all 25 of us who attended the retreat (not just the students). I know I learned a lot about myself and about the the others that will help me for many years into the future. The second night many of us (12) set up hammocks in the middle of 3 or 4 trees and camped out together. The picture above does not even begin to do the set up justice and that night was a great bonding experience for the students as many of them had never slept in a hammock before.

Coming up next we have a party and football viewing party at a house of one of our students to further build upon the community established at the retreat. In October I will be flying to Atlanta for more training and decompressing with my fellow interns. A great time to ask questions and share experiences with fellow interns and intern staff now that we have all moved to campus. Please pray for me and RUF as we continue ministering to the campus this fall.

In Christ,
Matt Arends

As Always, to support my ministry visit http://www.givetoruf.org/productlanding/1084
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September Update

Hey Everyone!


I hope that the end of your summer is going well. The semester is in full swing now at Boise State and a lo
t of exciting things are happening! Community groups are starting up, we are going through the Psalms this semester and have just completed Psalms 1 this week. Large group is heading into its 4th week this Tuesday and we are walking through the book of Mark. It is exciting to see new faces and old one (Though all are new faces for me).

We have had events such as Picnic in the Park where 170+ freshman showed up for free pizza and games in a nearby park. It was great to be able to serve the campus in such a great way. One highlight was some residence life staff telling us that we produced the largest turn out of freshman for any event during welcome weekend. Other events we have had thus far were a cookout and ultimate frisbee game as well as hanging out on Labor day on the lake.

Upcoming this weekend we have our fall retreat! This means we  are headed to Garden Valley just an hour north of Boise. There we will hangout, play games,  get to know each other, and learn from John Stone (RUF National Staff) and what he has to say about the Psalms. The weekend is always one of the major highlights of any RUF students year. I am very excited to get to know these students more and learn along side them from John Stone.

What’s coming up:

Fall Conference (THIS WEEKEND!)

RUF Intern Fall Training (October 16-20)

$2500 to GO!

RUF long

Hey Everyone!

Thank you so much for you support! Without all of you, I would not be where I am today! Together we have raised  over 75% of my first years budget toward my internship and ministry with RUF at Boise State University! This means that I only need $2,500 in one time gifts to move to Idaho and start working on campus. If you have not already given but are interested in giving, please consider giving today! (the sooner I have the support given the sooner I can move to campus and begin my ministry!) You can give a quick and easy tax deductible gift Here! Please continue to pray for me as I prepare to move and that the Lord will provide a place for me to live affordably and a cheap way to travel across country.

This month I am reading 1 & 2 Timothy and 1 &2 Peter. These books have been encouraging and helpful in thinking about ministry as well as the calling we have all received as believers. That the Lord has called us to turn away from the ways of the world and that we should not be lead astray by the teaching of False Teachers.

I am very excited to be moving to campus! Please join me in this ministry through prayer and financial support! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at matt.arends@ruf.org or call me at 757-390-5939!

In Christ,

Matt Arends

Thank you for your support! Give online at: https://givetoruf.org/ProductLanding/1084

We are nearly there!

RUF long

Hey Everyone!

Thank you so much for your prayer and su13422299_10105620930536990_5394385519451517579_opport over the past few months, weeks, and days. Now that I am home from training, I only have about $4,500 left to raise so that I can move! It’s hard to believe that I am nearly able to move and that we together have raised 70% of the budget set before me for my work in the ministry of RUF! (give now by visiting: https://givetoruf.org/ProductLanding/1084)

The Lord has blessed me greatly through my friends, family, and through His word. I just finished reading 1, 2, 3 John as well as Daniel and the Lord has lifted me up greatly though these books. They have better helped me understand what it is to act on faith and not rely on myself but of God.

This month I will be reading 1 & 2 Peter as well as 1 & 2 Timothy. Please be prying that I will learn and grow in understanding as I read these books and that they will benefit my ministry.

As always, feel free to contact me as I am continuing to raise support and as I prepare for my move to Boise to serve God and His church.


In Christ,

Matt Arends